Fayetteville, AR

On January 12, 2010, we received a call from our neighbors that our house had a frozen pipe and extensive water damage. Naturally, we were very shocked with the amount of damage that several thousand gallons of water can do to a home. We contacted the insurance company and the same night we had a water damage recovery team in place to save our home. The next day, we called John Easterling for help since we knew him and trusted his work (John added a room in the house about a year earlier). With literally hundreds of homes in the NW Arkansas area facing the same issue, we were worried that it would take forever to repair and doubtful that it could be restored to its’ original condition. After the water recovery team left our house completely dry, it was overwhelming with the amount of work that needed to be done. John started the work immediately and completely restored (in 6 weeks) our home to its original condition – just as good as when we originally moved into the home. He even found a way to upgrade some components without additional expense. If we ever need (heaven forbid) extensive repair, restoration, or want a new home built, John Easterling will be our first and only choice! He has always been fair in his pricing and outstanding in the quality of his work. John is a great guy and a great contractor.


Don and Toni